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Part of Cadoxton history at the Neath Museum

by franklittle on 25 June, 2008

There are just a few days to go before the Evan Evans Bevan exhibition closes at the end of June.

¬†The exhibits are not shown to their best advantage, in Neath Museum’s temporary home in the Dyfed¬† Road Leisure Centre, but the displays are well up to the Museum Department’s standard. It must have brought back memories to many, and was certainly illuminating to those of us who may have supped only a pint or two of “Vale of Neath” ales before the brewery had to close.


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  1. franklittle says:

    Clive Reed, who curated the exhibition, tells me that there is a folder containing an abstract of his work on the brewery, including interviews with four people who worked there. This is lodged in the reference section of Neath Library in Victoria Gardens. There are also folders dealing with many of the other exhibitions he put on.

    The Vale of Neath display must have been Clive’s last major effort as museums education officer for the county borough, before his retirement. So far, there is no news of a replacement. One trusts that the post, in a borough rich in heritage, does not remain unfilled for long.

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