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Owain Glyndwr no more

by franklittle on 18 October, 2010

Blaenhonddan Community Council tonight resolved, by ten votes to five, to rename the Owain Glyndwr Centre as the Waunceirch Community Centre. The reasons advanced by the majority group were that: all the other centres in the community were named after their locality, that the original naming decision had been taken on political grounds (when Plaid Cymru had controlled the council), and that there was no local connection with Owain Glyndwr. The counter-arguments were that people had got to know the centre under that name (this was backed up by a petition), that there was already a Waunceirch Hall, which could cause confusion, and that there would be a cost involved in changing the name. The response to this last argument was that the major cost would be replacing the lettering on the front of the hall, which we would have to do anyway as the letters had been removed by vandals.

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