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Possible Mynydd Marchywel wind-farm

by franklittle on 4 April, 2011

There is an application (P2010/1248) for a scoping opinion* from the county borough for a wind-turbine farm on March Hywel, the southern boundary of which impinges on Cadoxton ward. Note that this is not an actual planning application, merely an enquiry as to what should be included in the application when it is made.

The council will, I am sure, insist on the effect on wildlife being assessed, but I have suggested that the developer should also be mindful of the archaeology. There have been some interesting Roman – and later – finds on the mountain.

*From local government circular 02/99 ( Environmental impact assessment):
“Before making a planning application, a developer may ask the local planning authority for their formal opinion on the information to’ be supplied in the ES (a ‘scoping opinion’). This provision allows the developer to be clear about what the local planning authority considers the main effects of the development are likely to be and, therefore, the topics on which the ES should focus.”

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