Frank Little

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Community council meeting 19th April

by franklittle on 23 April, 2023

At the meeting of Coedffranc Town Council last Wednesday, we resolved to tighten up controls so that there was less scope for staff or contractors to receive payment for work not done. This should not be taken as a judgment on anyone currently employed; accepted with regret the resignation of Cllr Betsan Richards as deputy […]

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Skewen planters

by franklittle on 17 April, 2023

Belated acknowledgement of Cllr John’s work in rising to my election campaign challenge to do something about the legacy planters in New Road. The unsightly overgrowth has been cleared and we await its more attractive replacement.

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Council tax consultation: two days left

by franklittle on 9 February, 2023

A reminder that the public consultation on the county borough’s budget for 2023/24 closes on the 11th. The online questionnaire for the budget consultation, together with an explainer video and more information can be found on the Neath Port Talbot website: • English – • Welsh –

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Town council tax to rise by 8%

by franklittle on 2 February, 2023

The full community council last night voted not to accept the finance and general purposes committee’s recommendation of an 11% increase in the precept for the community. (A precept is an addition to the county borough’s main council tax to pay for services which the county does not provide. There are also precepts for police […]

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Coalition administration for Neath Port Talbot

by franklittle on 23 May, 2022

Plaid Cymru and a number of independent councillors have agreed to form a coalition to run the council following the loss of overall control by Labour. The council leader will be the independents’ Steve Hunt and his deputy Alun Llewelyn, leader of Plaid Cymru on the council. Liberal Democrat and Green councillors have decided not […]

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Coedffranc Town Council AGM

by franklittle on 13 May, 2022

The paperwork for the AGM has just been delivered. It seems twice as voluminous as the last time I was on the (then) community council. Clearly it will take some time to digest. One item stands out however: should we resolve to pay our mayor and deputy and should others of us with special responsibilities […]

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Voting in person tomorrow

by franklittle on 4 May, 2022

Council tax

by franklittle on 29 April, 2022

An early shot of Jane Dodds’ party election broadcast on behalf of us Welsh Liberal Democrat candidates comprises front pages of local newspapers leading on council tax rises. We have regularly campaigned on keeping council tax down, particularly in Neath Port Talbot where certain communities are routinely the most heavily-taxed in Wales. To their credit, […]

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Pale Greens

by franklittle on 23 April, 2022

I used to have a sneaking regard for the Green Party. Its basic aim is right for our times. Without being hair-shirted about it, I have for a long time tried to live a life making minimal demands on non-renewable resources. However, its policies tend to be extreme and like so many one-issue parties it […]

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Labour shortage

by franklittle on 12 April, 2022

No, this is not about the failure of the Johnson government to find enough people to fill even the number of jobs left after they crashed the economy in the last two years. It is about the astonishing fact that, for the first time, the Labour party is not fielding a full raft of candidates […]

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