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European Parliament elections

by franklittle on 21 May, 2014

This and that

by franklittle on 5 June, 2009

There was an above-average turnout for the European Parliamentary elections from Cadoxton, which is gratifying. Back-of-the-envelope calculations at the verification at Cwrt Herbert last night suggest that wards which return Labour councillors had lower turnouts, implying that the Labour vote was well down. Well, we shall all know on Sunday night when the count finally […]

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It is important to vote today

by franklittle on 4 June, 2009

(With apologies to those who have already done so, in person or by post.) As the Oberver puts it in last Sunday’s leader: “The worst possible consequence would be mass abstention. Failure to vote this Thursday risks ceding the field to a tiny minority of well-mobilised zealots – the racist BNP and scarcely less fanatical […]

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MEP profiles: part 3

by franklittle on 2 June, 2009

Tackling Cross-Border Crime Bill Newton Dunn (East Midlands) is campaigning to address cross border crime, including smuggling of drugs and illegal immigrants, through allocating power and budgets for a limited number of police to take on the international gangs. Championing Human Rights Emma Nicholson (South East) has fought for human rights across the Middle East […]

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MEP profiles: part 1.

by franklittle on 31 May, 2009

It has been remarked that our official European Election Communication for the South Wales West region is too negative and parochial. Therefore, in these last few days before the election next Thursday, I shall post a brief description of what our existing MEPs have done and hopefully will be re-elected to continue to do. Their […]

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Sunshine 1, Casework nil.

by franklittle on 30 May, 2009

In a way it is reassuring that nobody came to the “double-header” councillor surgery this morning. It suggests that there are (a) few problems in the ward (apart from the speeding in Cwmbach Road and the antisocial behaviour near the Lidl supermarket, which people know I have taken on board); (b) constituents who haven’t already […]

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European elections: UKIP propaganda queried

by franklittle on 27 May, 2009

Ed Davey has written to UKIP leader Nigel Farage to seek an explanation for his party election broadcast’s cavalier way with figures. The party has issued this rebuttal: UKIP MYTH OVER UK’s EU BUDGET CONTRIBUTION   UKIP claims that EU membership costs the UK £40m per day. This is nonsense.  The UK does make a […]

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The Daily Telegraph reports that “British pensioners” pictured on current BNP electoral leaflets are actually Italian models. Italian photographer Luca Di Filippo confirmed that the elderly couple in the photo captioned ‘we’ve seen how this country has declined’ were actually his parents, who had only ever visited this country as tourists and do not share […]

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Euro hustings (2)

by franklittle on 14 May, 2009

The hustings at the Environment Centre in Swansea went well. Having been organised by the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition Cymru, an umbrella organisation representing almost 70 environment organisations and charities, the session concentrated on “green” issues.The opening remarks by the chairman, Phil MacDonald of the Swansea Environment Forum, suggested that feelings might run high, as […]

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