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Public Transport under threat

by franklittle on 15 February, 2012

At short notice, the Welsh Government is slashing its support for bus operators – the story and reaction to it by a large operator are here: At the annual community plan seminar sponsored by the Local Service Board in Port Talbot yesterday, the Chief Executive expressed his fears for the future of subsidised bus […]

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by franklittle on 21 July, 2010

I had a very nice card yesterday from residents, thanking me for having the early evening service from Neath to Cadoxton restored. In case any public transport user is unaware, the 158 service leaving Neath at 18:05, which used to go straight to Aberdulais, now stops in Cadoxton. This fills a need for people who […]

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MP’s concern over local government

by franklittle on 28 December, 2009

It is nice to see that Peter Hain, MP for Neath, is concerned about the proposals for Neath and Port Talbot of the Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales, a fortnight after I blogged about them here, and a month after I wrote of my concerns as they affect Cadoxton to the director of legal […]

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Works programme for 2010/11

by franklittle on 11 November, 2009

In the annual round of bids for works to be carried out by the County Borough in the next financial year, I have stressed the importance of speed reduction measures on Cwmbach Road. I pointed out that these had been scheduled and withdrawn twice in the last ten years, and that Cadoxton was alone among […]

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Closed access to Tennant canal footpath

by franklittle on 12 August, 2009

Both I and Bryncoch South councillor Tony Wyn Jones have expressed our concern to the council about the prolonged closure of the access from the Tennant canal footpath to Neath town centre via Bridge Street. Although the old bridge is actually situated in Bryncoch South, many residents of Cadoxton like to walk into Neath via […]

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Bus shelters

by franklittle on 30 May, 2009

Since posting the item about replacement of bus shelters last year, I have found that the maintenance has improved such that the brick shelters are now consistently clean, no further pressure to speed their replacement has been put on me and, indeed, one constituent has prevailed upon me to reverse the decision. I have spoken […]

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Cadoxton Terrace – missing bus stop sign

by franklittle on 11 September, 2008

There is a bus stop in Cadoxton Terrace for north-bound (down) services roughly opposite Drumfields. Unfortunately, though there is a stop sign on the up side of the road, there is not one on the down side. This causes inexperienced bus drivers to miss the stop and take passengers on to the next stop by […]

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