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Proposed housing development off Leiros Park

by franklittle on 27 April, 2017

My views on extra housing in this area, expressed when I was councillor for Cadoxton, are on record. I trust that, should I be elected, they will not be regarded as fettering my discretion when this application is debated. For this reason, I had better say no more at present.  

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Park homes

by franklittle on 29 February, 2012

Peter Black AM has been given permission by the National Assembly for Wales to introduce a Bill that will improve the process by which mobile homes (park homes) are regulated and sold. Currently, there are many cases throughout Wales’ eighty park home sites of unfair practice. Problems faced by residents range from a lack of […]

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NPT Homes

by franklittle on 27 February, 2012

NPT Homes made a presentation to council members in Seven Sisters community hall today, part of its six-monthly round of liaison meetings. They concentrated this time on the outcome of Stage 1 of raising the housing stock to Welsh Housing Quality Standard. A survey had shown that those tenants whose properties had been refurbished were […]

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Empty homes

by franklittle on 9 September, 2011

At yesterday’s meeting of the Social Care, Health and Housing scrutiny committee (see also below), Councillor Tony Taylor (SDP, Aberavon) and I questioned the absence of figures relating to unoccupied property and action taken by the local authority to bring it back into use. This is a new indicator in reports to members required by […]

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Tradesmen you can trust

by franklittle on 2 October, 2010

The new Conservative minister for the construction industry, Mark Prisk, has confirmed the coalition government’s continuing support for the TrustMark scheme. This helps homeowners find reliable and trustworthy tradesmen to carry out, for instance, repairs and improvements to houses. If a firm displays the TrustMark logo, you know that they have been subject to an […]

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The housing ballot

by franklittle on 23 March, 2010

There was a triumphal note to the official report of the “Yes” vote (quoted here by Labour’s Anthony Taylor). My feeling was one of relief that the council was not going to be penalised by the Welsh Assembly Government for having the tenants make the “wrong” choice. If the housing stock were left with the […]

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Housing transfer ballot forms have gone out

by franklittle on 19 February, 2010

It is disturbing that non-Labour members had to find out from third parties that this significant event had occurred, rather than in council. Housing scrutiny committee members were not told. Even notifiying us in the weekly councillor update would have been better than keeping us in the dark. I only found out via a member […]

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Right to buy and stock transfer

by franklittle on 7 December, 2009

Vintage Liberal footage

by franklittle on 18 June, 2009

I couldn’t resist linking to this vintage Pathé 1945 general election short, even though it has no local interest (apart from the Welsh dragon flag in the background!). It is of Sir Archibald Sinclair, the Liberal leader in 1945, reminding the voters of the progressive policies which the Liberal Party had introduced – the secret […]

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Housing powers for Welsh Assembly

by franklittle on 20 March, 2009

It appears that the Westminster government is prepared to remove the Secretary of State’s veto power from the measure which is currently going through parliament. The veto was described as “illegal” by Peter Black AM and caused the Senedd’s presiding officer to journey to London to speak in a Lords debate later today.

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