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Proposed housing development off Leiros Park

by franklittle on 27 April, 2017

My views on extra housing in this area, expressed when I was councillor for Cadoxton, are on record. I trust that, should I be elected, they will not be regarded as fettering my discretion when this application is debated. For this reason, I had better say no more at present.  

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I hope I am a good loser

by franklittle on 3 May, 2012

This is written some days in advance of the count which will have taken place an hour before this post appears. I am assuming that I have failed in my attempt to retain my seat in the council chamber for Cadoxton. The signs are not good: ancient antipathies towards not only the Thatcher & Major […]

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Local elections are coming up

by franklittle on 23 March, 2012

By next Tuesday, 27th March, official notice of elections to Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and to Blaenhonddan Community Council will be published. The election itself will take place on Thursday 3rd May. Candidates’ papers will be accepted up until 4th April. There is advice from the Electoral Commission for prospective candidates here: ??

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Disposal of Crymlyn incinerator

by franklittle on 8 March, 2012

It was always anticipated that Neath Port Talbot (Recycling) Ltd, the arms-length company which the county borough set up to take over the Crymlyn waste disposal centre when the original operator, HLC, failed, would be returned to the private sector when the time and price were right. It seems that the moment has arrived.

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The sort of decision a community councillor has to make

by franklittle on 25 January, 2012

I couldn’t possibly comment on the discussion that went into setting the Blaenhonddan precept for 2012/13, for reasons stated earlier, but I found this posting from a Liberal Democrat parish councillor in England summed up well what invidious choices face community councillors. In passing, I should say that I am glad that the Welsh Government […]

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Councillors now salaried, but remuneration cut

by franklittle on 30 December, 2011

At present, Neath Port Talbot council members are paid an annual basic allowance of £13,356 (see this pdf). The council used to determine this allowance itself, but using the advice of the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales (IRP) as a basis. For the last two years, there has been a standstill, in spite of the […]

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by franklittle on 14 December, 2011

Local council budgets dominated business this week. On Monday night, Blaenhonddan Community Council spent some time discussing the figures on which we would have to base our decision on the 2012/13 precept. It was clear that we needed more time to make sure we get it right, and we will meet again early in the […]

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Government initiative to save time for the bereaved

by franklittle on 16 November, 2011

“Tell us once” is a scheme launched this week on behalf of the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP), and operated by local authorities.  Neath Port Talbot and Swansea unitary authorities are collaborating on the local roll-out. This follows successful pilot trials in several English councils – more details here. The aim is that, at […]

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Grit bins

by franklittle on 27 October, 2011

I am pleased to pass on the good news that the environment & highways cabinet committee at its meeting last month has approved grit bins for both Cwmbach Road and Bryn Catwg. Pressure from local members, including myself, coupled with the experience of yet another severe winter in 2010/11, has obviously caused the cabinet to rethink […]

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Budget data not quite complete

by franklittle on 26 October, 2011

Finance director Derek Davies presented an overview of the Welsh Government’s proposed support for local government in 2012/13. While not as rushed a job as last year, when councils were left in the dark by Cardiff for far too long, there are still one or two grey areas, particularly in relation to specific grants and […]

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